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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee Document Request

What Will the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee Ask For?

Every chapter 7 bankruptcy case has a trustee assigned to it who is in charge of administration of the case and getting unexempt assets into the hands of creditors. After filing, the trustee generally will send a document request to the debtor (person who filed for bankruptcy protection) with a request for documents. So what will the trustee usually request from the debtor?

It is common for a trustee to have a questionnaire that needs to be filled out and signed. The trustee's questionnaire usually asks the following questions:

  • Is everything true, accurate and complete in your bankruptcy petition, schedules and statements?
  • Are  you entitled to an inheritance?
  • Do you understand that if you become entitled to an inheritance in the next 6 months that you must make the trustee aware of this?
  • Are you a party to any law suit or civil action?
  • Do you own any property that is not listed in you petition?
  • Have you transferred any money or other property to anyone in the previous year?
  • Have you been divorced in the previous 2 years?

Along with the trustee's questionnaire, the trustee will usually request the following documents from the Debtor:

  • Copies of tax returns for the previous 2 years.
  • Bank statements for the previous 6 months and including a statement which will show the balance of any account on your filing date.
  • Copies of vehicle titles and liens.
  • Proof of vehicle insurance

The above information is common in any bankruptcy case. It is the chapter 7 trustee's job to verify the information you provide to the court, and to make sure that you don't have assets that can be liquidated and paid to creditors. It is a bankruptcy attorneys job to protect your assets and make you aware of these rules so that you are not surprised by anything. It bankruptcy it is very important to be transparent with the trustee. If you have any questions about bankruptcy, please contact our office at 480-355-1377 or fill out our intake form on the home page of this website.