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Medical Debt and Bankruptcy

Are Medical Bills Dischargeable?

Are medical bills dischargeable in bankruptcy?

We get this question a lot. For some reason people tend to think that medical debt is not dischargeable in a bankruptcy case. The fact is that most of the time it is. General unsecured debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy, and as long as a medical account is not secured, it is dischargeable. Rarely, a medical provider could have a lien on a debt. This is frequent in personal injury cases. However, in the usual circumstance that a medical debt was accumulated from an illness, or a hospital stay, the debt is 99.9 percent of the time unsecured and dischargeable.

Medical debt is one of the top reasons people seek chapter 7 relief because of the almost immediate discharge it offers to qualified petitioners. If you are drowing in medical debt, it would proabably be wise to seek the advise of an experienced bankruptcy attorney to understand your rights as a debtor.